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Joey Matula - Artist

Artist Statement


Life isn’t one layer and my art isn’t either!


Art found me and art healed me….


The darkness and anguish of  living with cancer years ago was profound. 


But it was through paint and brush that my life sparked, then ignited, back to a life of endless joy, passion and fulfillment through the creation of art. That deep passion is what has me showing up in front of my canvas every single day!

Using abstraction as a metaphor for self-expression, my acrylic paintings are often imbued with pointillism as grand vistas of familiar scenes transform into paintings that are bold, playful, rhythmic  and full of balletic movement. My work holds raw emotional impact. Sharp angular brush strokes full of energy are worked with intensity. Every colour imaginable erupts onto my canvas with unrestrained power. Poetic grace becomes the goal.

Nothing in my art practice is conventional. Other than brushes, I frequently use sponges, wire brushes, sandpaper, drip bottles, cloth, q-tips and even my bare hands to build up layers of texture. A painting may be started on the wall, moved to the floor and back to the wall again for refinement and creations of pictorial allusion.


With classical music as my muse, the closing curtain on my paintings are my bliss and therapy. Art is indeed the best medicine.


“Art is not meant to be understood but to be felt”

    George Seurat


(Photo Credit: Laura Evans)

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